CVE-2019-11043 - We are Safe Oct 25, 2019

We have checked all our Nginx+PHP 7 servers and made sure that they are not vulnerable to the latest exploit. Read more

HTTP/3 Far from Ready Sep 27, 2019

Chrome, Firefox and Cloudflare all jumped on HTTP/3, but here is why we think it is still too early to embrace this protocol. Read more

Multi-Factor Authentication with Gyroscope Sep 10, 2019

While 2FA provides added layer of security, the many options of 2FA also creates confusion. With Gyroscope you can enable all at the same time. Read more

How fast is a "Gyroscope Site"? Sep 6, 2019

A Gyroscope powered website can be extremely fast. This is partly because of the absence of Gyroscope in the front end. Confused? Read on... Read more

How to switch PHP versions in Minpache Sep 4, 2019

The legacy PHP in the Minpache convenience bundle can be switched over with this download. Read more
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