Android 10 Tethering "No Internet" Fix Sep 4, 2020

If you can connect to your Android 10 device through Wifi tethering but there is no actual Internet feed, the issue could be related to APN settings. Read more

Optimized gsguard in 16.9 Aug 21, 2020

Starting 16.9, repeated calls to gsguard in Gyroscope are cached in the same page cycle, resulting in fewer database queries. Read more

Map of Semiconductor Foundries Aug 15, 2020

Which geographic locations are capable of producing advanced microprocessors? Here's a map using public data. Read more

Introducing Gyroscope Notepad Jul 8, 2020

The Gyroscope Notepad allows uninterrupted data entry when the internet is out, and contextual merging of information when the network is back. Read more

Hosting Advisory: Switch On "stablecf" for CloudFlare Jun 19, 2020

If your Gyroscope project is running behind CloudFlare, remember to switch on stablecf in lb.php Read more
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